New year, new bird


Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping in and welcome to the new Bluebird's Garage. We are settling in to this new home quite nicely. For those who don't know, 1703 Mediterranean Avenue is our very own little slice of heaven. We share the space with Roost Flowers and the floral mastermind behind the brand, Becky. We figured birds and flowers go together like peanut butter and jelly and the rest is history.  


Some of you may be wondering how we got our name. The name 'Bluebird's Garage' was born over two years ago, way before it actually had an identity. I simply liked the way the two sounded together and the contrast of the sweet and undecorated.  It would take me several months to nail down my business concept, and when I did the name fit. After working in sales post college, I found myself bored and unsatisfied. I had dream boards of quotes, pictures, and concepts I wanted Bluebird's to be and found myself adding to these boards and becoming more detached from work. My husband David and I had just purchased a house in Chesapeake with a large detached garage out back. He urged me to take a chance on this 'thing' and as he pointed to our backyard said "that's Bluebird's garage." So my business did start in a garage but we had our name long before. The irony continues today as my shop, you guessed it, has a garage door. It's safe to say that the bird feels at home here and I knew it was meant to be.


Today as we open up shop, it's hard to believe where this all started. My thankfulness to my family for believing in my dream is endless. There are so many people who have helped me along the way and I hope that each of those people will come in and let me show you around the new Bluebirds Garage. 


xo Mary