Three weeks ago, a vision long desired came to fruition. A table of local creatives sitting down to break bread and encourage creative community by cross promoting and creating new things together. Right here in Virginia Beach, in the garden of the new Esoteric restaurant, it all happened. What was once just an idea for a photo shoot, the inaugural Creative Union dinner allowed creatives with or without creative businesses, in and out of the newly founded ViBe Creative District to gather for a meal and come together to support one another. It is the creative community that changes the tide and pushes us forward into projects unknown because it is about what we can do together not apart.

If you are interested in attending a future Creative Union dinner, please drop us a line at Coming this Fall!


Photos by Zoe Grant

Rentals & Styling: Mary Kaufman, Bluebird's Garage

Coordination: Kristina Chastain & Hannah Thorndike

Venue/Food: Esoteric, Chef Ian Hock

Food: Commune

Floral Design: Roost Flowers

Logo Design: Christina Prock

Hand Lettering: Nikki Hofmeister